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How to Uncover Customer Expectations and Perceptions

How to Uncover Customer Expectations and Perceptions

You can’t read anyone’s mind. There’s no crystal ball that will help you determine customer satisfaction before, during or after a transaction. However, with a little skill, legwork and background knowledge, you will know how to uncover customer expectations and perceptions. Knowing what they expect will help you give them what they need, which will […]

5 Tips on How to Determine Customer Satisfaction

Tips on How to Determine Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important factors in a business’s success is to ensure that consumers are satisfied. Yesterday’s customers or clients should look back at their experiences fondly. Today’s customers or clients should walk away with a smile. And they don’t know it yet, but tomorrow’s consumers won’t hesitate to come to you because they […]

The Process ISO Uses to Develop Standards

Process iSO Uses to Develop Standards

The process ISO uses to develop standards is detailed, involved, complex and lengthy – and that’s a good thing. ISO standards aim to ensure that similar businesses throughout the world follow the same rules, so it’s understandable that it’s a long and difficult process. Luckily, as you are trying to obtain your ISO 9001:2015 certification, […]

How to Select a Registrar

How to Select a Registrar

You understand the importance of an ISO certification. Having it informs others that your company meets the requirements of an internationally recognized standard. More specifically, an independent, third-party, certification body (i.e., registrar) confirms that your organization’s quality management system (QMS) meets the requirements of the relevant standard. And you get that. Now, however, the question is […]

6 of the Best Public Relations Practices for your Business

Best Public Relations Practices for your Business

We know you’re proud that you received your ISO 9001:2015 certification. And we were happy to help you! Now, the next step is to share your good news with others. That’s one of the greatest benefits of obtaining that certification, after all; the best public relations practices for your business involve letting others know how […]

7 Ways to Motivate your Employees

employee engagement

It’s hard to get employees to put in their best efforts every day. Some of their job requirements can be redundant, so they need something to look forward to other than the same old same old. So switch things up a little bit! Eventually, ways to motivate your employees will become natural to you – […]

6 Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

The bottom line is always on the minds of those in top management roles in the manufacturing industry. Whether you represent a small business or a large conglomerate, saving money and being fiscally responsible is critically important to your success. If you have found your business struggling as of late, there are several ways to […]

Importance of Reviewing your Quality Management System

Importance of Reviewing your Quality Management System

Are you aiming to obtain your ISO 9001:2015 certification? Or are you trying to improve your quality management processes in general? Either way, the importance of reviewing your quality management system can’t be overlooked. If it’s been a while since you implemented your QMS, you should think about a few things as a refresher. Strategically […]

PDCA: What is the Meaning of the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle?

Elements of a Quality Management System

You’ve probably seen “Plan-Do-Check-Act” or a similar variation of the phrase, such as “Plan-Do-Check-Certify.” On the surface, those little words are relatively simple to understand, and the idea makes sense. Truly, however, the meaning of the plan-do-check-act cycle is about a lot more than what meets the eye. And it’s important to understand it for […]

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