How to Select a Registrar

You understand the importance of an ISO certification. Having it informs others that your company meets the requirements of an internationally recognized standard. More specifically, an independent, third-party, certification body (i.e., registrar) confirms that your organization’s quality management system (QMS) meets the requirements of the relevant standard. And you get that. Now, however, the question is how to select a registrar. … Well, you should consider a few factors when making that decision.

How to Select a Registrar: Three Basic Guidelines

Choose a Registrar that has the Necessary Competency

Learning about their core competencies and skills is an important step to take regarding how to select a registrar. Part of that research should lead you to check if the certification body (CB) is accredited. Again, just like your certification, accreditation provides independent confirmation of the registrar’s competence, as noted by ISO.

To find an accredited certification body, visit the International Accreditation Forum.

How to Select a Registrar

Look for a Responsive CB

As said by registrar Smithers in a post on the Quality Digest website, a registrar should provide a personal touch and be able to communicate with you. The registrar should be accessible to you to answer your questions or provide feedback as needed.

Research the Potential Registrar’s Reputation

Knowledgeable customers care about who issued your QMS certification, so it’s important to select a registrar that is well-known and respected. As you are researching registrars, talk with others in your field to learn more about their experiences with the ones they used.

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How to Select a Registrar

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