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It’s hard to get employees to put in their best efforts every day. Some of their job requirements can be redundant, so they need something to look forward to other than the same old same old. So switch things up a little bit! Eventually, ways to motivate your employees will become natural to you – and probably make you happier at work as well! For now, here are a few suggestions.

7 Ways to Motivate your Employees

1. Create a suitable workspace

Ways to motivate your employees might not be as deep as you think. Sometimes, what’s keeping them from giving their all is a practical or technical issue. Is one employee unhappy because the workspace is a mess due to others’ lack of cleaning up? Is it too hot or too cold? Do the employees have a complete break room where they can have lunch in peace? Do you have water available for them, at the very least? Are they as safe as possible while on the job?

A lack of the most simple, basic needs can make anyone miserable at work, so start with making sure they have those. Then, listen when they voice their concerns about not having the basics as the workplace naturally changes over time.

2. Say “thank you” – and more

7 Ways to Motivate your Employees

Rewarding employees is one of the best ways to energize them, and a heartfelt, meaningful “thank you” could be all the reward they need on any given day. Remind them that what they’re doing is important – and that they, as individuals, are important.

3. Keep them posted

Tell them what you’re doing, and update them regularly when changes are made so that they can adapt.

4. Make it fun

Consider offering special incentives for employees who go above and beyond, or set up a rewards program to get more employees to do so.

Here’s an example. Let’s say an employee has discovered that they can improve the efficiency of a production process by making some minor changes to a piece of equipment that is known to have a high amount of down time each month. The changes may only cost a few hundred dollars. However, the overall downtime cost of thousands per year is eliminated. Awarding individual(s) with a small monetary amount based on a percentage of the annual savings will in turn motivate others to do likewise.

5. Have an open door

Make sure employees know they can talk with you about concerns or suggestions. Do take the time to seriously consider those suggestions, and then compliment them if you find one or more of their ideas benefited your business.

6. Ask for their feedback

Casually talk with them about what they like best about their jobs or what they think could be improved. Their input can help guide the future of your business. It also will help you identify problems before it’s too late, as your employees are the ones on the front lines and probably will see potential problems before you do.

7. Make them feel secure at work

7 Ways to Motivate your Employees

One of the worst feelings employees could have is that their jobs are on the line due to the company’s financial standing. One way to calm their fears is to discuss financial figures with them – as appropriate and legal, of course. If they understand that the business is successful and on solid ground, they won’t be afraid to come to work every morning and invest their energy into their jobs. They also will have more pride and faith in the business. Instilling a sense of pride is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to motivate your employees.

Aside from financial figures, you may also want to share the strategic direction of the organization. Where does the organization see itself in three to five years? How do you plan to get there? Most people within an organization want to help, and letting them know what your plans are can ultimately help them to understand why changes are needed.

Contact Trident QMS for Additional Suggestions

Creating positive relationships in the workplace is one of our focuses at Trident QMS. An atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect is key to quality management and success. With that in mind, we have many additional suggestions regarding ways to motivate your employees, and we would be happy to help you implement them. Contact us through our Trident QMS website or by phone at 520-314-4343.

7 Ways to Motivate your Employees


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