What ISO 9001:2015 Certification Means for your Company

You know you have excellent employees at your business. Your customer service is top-notch, and your clientele is growing. And there’s a reason for that: Your company is outstanding, and you know it. Now it’s time to share that knowledge with the world. And that’s what ISO 9001:2015 certification means for your company. It gives you the chance to tell the world how great you are, and back it up with proof.

What ISO 9001:2015 Certification Means for your Company

If you’re not convinced that having an ISO 9001:2015 certification is necessary, let’s walk through it and you’ll see why it is.

• ISO 9001:2015 certification means your company meets quality standards as identified by ISO. It means an independent third-party, or registrar, confirms that your organization’s quality management system (QMS) meets the requirements of the relevant Standard. It’s not only you saying you are great; what ISO 9001:2015 certification means for your company is that an outside, independent agency agrees with you. Simply put, it’s proof.

What ISO 9001:2015 Certification Means for your Company

• What ISO 9001:2015 certification means for your company also includes international understanding. One of the purposes of ISO’s standards is to make sure businesses and people from companies in different countries agree on quality standards. There’s no confusion, disagreement or doubling up of work to verify that standards are being met. It’s all there in print – in the ISO’s 21,000 standards. That’s a whole lot of standards, so it’s a good thing that they are in place for all of us to agree on, eh?

• Obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification is a great public relations opportunity for your company.

Say it out loud. Post it on your website. Send press releases to the local media after you obtain your certification. Write it in the sky! You worked hard to build an excellent company and are proud of what you’ve created. You’re excited that another agency confirmed that you met the standards you wanted to meet, and you can shout it from the hilltops.

As a side note, just make sure you’re using the correct lingo as you’re shouting from the top of that hill. ISO does not issue certificates, so you cannot claim to be certified by ISO. Instead, you should describe your company as being “ISO 9001 certified” or “ISO 9001:2015 certified.” You also cannot say that a product is certified; it’s the company’s QMS that’s certified.

• If you have that certificate, there’s a good chance the employees you hire will have more experience and skills than other candidates. After all, employee prospects are interviewing the businesses just as much as the businesses are interviewing them. Quality employees are going to be pickier about where they work, and if they know you have that certification, they will be that much prouder to choose your company.

And happy, energetic, involved employees lead to a stronger business. If they are proud of their company and have a stake in it, they are more likely to work harder toward its success.

• If you combine all of the above, what would ISO 9001:2015 certification most likely mean for your company? More money of course! If you get your name out there with that public relations technique and have proof that you can give customers and clients what they want, that means higher profits. And you deserve it because you genuinely want to make your customers happy with your excellent services.

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What ISO 9001:2015 certification means for your company

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