What Does ISO Conformity Mean

We hear the word “conform” in many circles. We conform to a lot of things in life, so it’s a fairly common word that we use often. The concept of “ISO conformity” is not much more complicated than the basic meaning of “conform.” When you think of it that way, it’s easy to answer the question: What does ISO conformity mean? But here is more detailed information to make it clear.

What Does ISO Conformity Mean?

To start, the International Organization for Standardization sets guidelines for a variety of businesses. ISO has published more than 21,000 international standards and therefore, ISO conformity means that your product, service or system have been assessed against and meets the requirements of one or more of these established ISO Standards.

Having these standards in place means that both the suppliers (external providers) and customers (interested parties) are on the same page when it comes to how to determine quality. Further, ISO has focused on producing standards to help make conformity assessment activities as uniform as possible to avoid any redundant testing when importing or exporting, which helps to facilitate global trade.

What Does ISO Conformity Assessment Mean?

What Does ISO Conformity Mean

An assessment of ISO conformity means that your business processes would undergo an examination to determine if it “conforms” to the relevant ISO standards.

As stated on the ISO website, undergoing the conformity assessment process has a number of benefits. The benefits include providing consumers and other stakeholders with added confidence, as well as giving your company a competitive edge.

The main types of conformity assessment are testing, certification and inspection.

ISO itself does not complete ISO conformity assessments. Also as stated on the ISO website, the assessments are completed by clients in the private sector, regulatory bodies in situations where ISO standards have been included in law, and laboratories and certification bodies.

While ISO does not perform the assessments, its Committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO) has produced standards that are used by certification bodies. Certification bodies, also called registrars, audit organizations and certify that they are conforming to management system standards.

To find an accredited certification body, a good resource to use is the International Accreditation Forum.

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What Does ISO Conformity Mean?

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