Answering Common Questions About AS9100 Standards

Elements of a Quality Management System

AS9100 standards are complete with the release of the final standards document in the trio, the AS9104. The AS9104 standard is made up of three standards: AS9104-1, AS9104-2, and AS9104-3. This newest addition, combined with the previous AS9100:2009 and AS9101:2009, comprise the complete international quality management system standards for the aerospace industry. Here are answers […]

What to Expect from the AS 9100 Certification Process

Benefits of AS9100 Certification

AS 9100 is a quality management system, or QMS, that was created specifically for the aerospace and defense industries. The QMS is recognized internationally, and AS 9100 certification is required for organizations that want to bid for government contracts in many countries across the globe. AS 9100 certification is demanding but beneficial. If you are […]

Importance of QMS to Your Small Business

Importance of QMS

Small businesses are not exempt from the demands of customers. Regardless of the size of your company, customers expect high-quality service and products, and if your business can’t deliver these things, then another company will. One of the best ways to ensure you’re meeting the needs of your customers is to implement a quality management […]

What Are Horizontal and Vertical ISO 9001 Audits?

horizontal and vertical audits.

Audits are a critical part of maintaining ISO 9001 certification for your quality management system (QMS). Sometimes, audits conducted by external groups are beneficial to getting objective information about your business, but internal audits also play a role. When it comes to internal ISO 9001 audits, there are two types to consider: horizontal and vertical. […]

What Are the Next Steps Following QMS Implementation?

Next Steps Following QMS Implementation

The Next Steps Following QMS Implementation. QMS—or quality management systems—can help organizations of all sizes meet internationally recognized standards and achieve ISO 9001 certification. Trident Quality Management Solutions specializes in helping organizations identify problems in their internal processes and implement QMS to correct those problems. But what happens after QMS implementation is complete? Continue reading […]

Risk Assessment in the Context of ISO Standards

risk assessment

Risk is inherent in any activity—it’s simply a part of doing business. That’s why the most recent version of the ISO 9001 standard has included risk assessment throughout each section. Whereas risk was formerly considered almost exclusively in its own clause titled “Preventive Action” (refer to ISO 9001:2008, Clause 8.5.3), it is now engrained throughout […]

What is the 2015 Revision Standard?

ISO 9001 Gap Analysis

We’ve talked about ISO and what it does. But you’ve probably seen “ISO 9001:2015” and wondered what that was all about. You’ve asked yourself, “Hmm, what is the ‘2015’ all about? What is the 2015 revision standard everyone keeps talking about? And what does it have to do with me?” Well here are the answers […]

Top 5 Audit Questions in 2017

Having an internal audit can be daunting but also a good way to evaluate your processes. Here are some of the top audit questions in 2017 that will be considered. Top Audit Questions in 2017 1. How do you contribute to your organization’s goals? Employees must understand their roles and how they contribute to the […]