The Relationship Between Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

quality management systems

There is a proven and studied relationship between quality management and customer satisfaction. Without quality management systems in place, a customer is not guaranteed to get exceptional service or an exceptional product, and there is also no guarantee of consistency and equity throughout the customer experience.  Increased Product Quality A well-defined quality management system (QMS) […]

Spotlight on Our Annual Maintenance Support Program

QMS Annual Maintenance

Implementing your company’s QMS is just the first step in ensuring that you meet all of the requirements set out by the Standard. It is also crucial to perform maintenance of the system to ensure it’s working as needed and nothing is falling through the cracks. Without this vigilance, you are at risk of losing […]

How Should You Define Customer Satisfaction?

Definition of Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of ISO 9001 certification is to ensure that an organization’s products or services fulfill customers’ needs while meeting applicable quality standards. With that in mind, it’s understandable for organizations to focus on customer satisfaction while preparing for quality management system (QMS) implementation and ISO 9001 certification. But how should you define customer […]

Assessing Customer Perception to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Assessing Customer Perception to Improve Customer Satisfaction

We touched on the subject of customer perception in our “How to Uncover Customer Expectations and Perceptions” blog, but it’s definitely something that needs to be discussed further. The importance of assessing customer perception to improve customer satisfaction can’t be overlooked for many reasons, including your own personal sense of success. What do we mean […]

How to Uncover Customer Expectations and Perceptions

How to Uncover Customer Expectations and Perceptions

You can’t read anyone’s mind. There’s no crystal ball that will help you determine customer satisfaction before, during or after a transaction. However, with a little skill, legwork and background knowledge, you will know how to uncover customer expectations and perceptions. Knowing what they expect will help you give them what they need, which will […]