Dispelling Myths About ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification is a powerfully effective way to keep companies of all sizes focused on quality control through specific, efficient management practices. Countries across the globe rely on ISO 9001 to maintain quality, ensure stakeholder satisfaction, and improve internal procedures. Despite the popularity of ISO certification, myths about ISO 9001 what it is and what the benefits are still keep some companies from considering it for their organizations. Don’t let misinformation make your mind up about ISO 9001 certification. Here is a look at the truth behind some common myths.

Myth 1: ISO 9001 certification is only for big businesses.
This myths about ISO 9001 keeps a lot of small businesses from reaping the benefits of ISO 9001 certification. The truth is that ISO 9001 certification is achievable by businesses of all sizes, even if you are a self-employed entrepreneur with one person on staff. Your ISO 9001 implementation and support company will help you understand the procedures for certification as they relate to a business of your specific size. Keep in mind, however, that ISO 9001 certification is not something that a person can achieve and that follows them from business to business, so if your one-person company is certified, the certification will only apply to that specific business and not any you start in the future.

Myth 2: ISO 9001 certification is only for certain industries.
Certification in ISO 9001 standards is not reserved for any particular industry. Its processes and procedures apply to all kinds of business, from manufacturing to service, restaurants, government departments, and consultancy groups. The practices required to achieve certification can be applied to any kind of process in any organization.

Myth 3: You can buy ISO 9001 membership.
Another myth about ISO 9001 is not part of a membership organization. You cannot pay a fee to “join” ISO 9001. The only way to achieve ISO 9001 certification is to go through the official implementation and audit process and be granted your certification by adhering to the strict guidelines. This is the value of ISO 9001 certification: any company that has it has earned it, not paid for it.

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