Top 5 Audit Questions in 2017

Having an internal audit can be daunting but also a good way to evaluate your processes. Here are some of the top audit questions in 2017 that will be considered.

Top 5 Audit Questions in 2017

Top Audit Questions in 2017

1. How do you contribute to your organization’s goals?
Employees must understand their roles and how they contribute to the organization’s overall goals.
“Truly comprehending objectives means that people understand specifically what they can do to improve the organization,” Cochran states in his post. “They appreciate the significance of their roles and are prepared to carry them out. This knowledge creates strategic focus throughout the organization. Instead of having a limited view of activities and tasks, personnel begin to understand how their jobs link to the organization’s larger mission.”

2. What happens if problems are discovered?
“Controlling nonconforming products is a basic discipline and one that smart auditors always probe,” Cochran states.
During an audit, nonconforming products are identified, and the correction processes are identified, explored and clarified.

3. How do you use data on customer perceptions?
While it’s important to gather information from customers, you can’t stop there. You have to do something with that information, and some of the audit questions in 2017 will be focused on how you use that information.

4. How will you prove improvement?
The ultimate purpose of a management system is to provide a means for improvement, Cochran says. There should be some evidence of improvement.

5. How do managers review the organization’s performance?
The top managers of an organization are supposed to review its successes and areas for improvement on a regular basis.
“Some of the best approaches to reviewing organizational performance are the most creative,” Cochran says. “Many organizations design their reviews across a number of different forums and time frames, which is a practical and realistic way to approach the process. Regardless of how the review is configured, the three imperatives include data analysis, identifying opportunities and taking action on them. Smart organizations treat these three activities as inseparable.”

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