Benefits of AS9100 Certification

What to Expect from the AS 9100 Certification Process

AS 9100 is a quality management system, or QMS, that was created specifically for the aerospace and defense industries. The QMS is recognized internationally, and AS 9100 certification is required for organizations that want to bid for government contracts in many countries across the globe. AS 9100 certification is demanding but beneficial. If you are interested in becoming certified, here is what you can expect from the process. 

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is the first step in seeking AS 9100 certification. The analysis takes you through the process of evaluating your existing QMS and internal procedures and highlights areas in which you will need to make changes to meet AS 9100 standards. Going through the gap analysis will require everyone participating to fully understand AS 9100 standards and the documentation required to achieve certification, so it is usually helpful to train your staff on the QMS before beginning the analysis. 

System Design

When you have completed your analysis, you can use it as a road map for designing the system you will use at your organization to implement AS 9100-compliant standards. At this stage, it is often helpful to have assistance from an implementation support company, like Trident Quality Management Solutions, to help you oversee the process and identify any potential weaknesses that could complicate your ability to meet the standards. Once you have a plan for your system, it is important to educate your entire team and get them on board to follow your new procedures. 

Process Testing

Implement your new processes and document all of your challenges and outcomes. You may find that you need to tweak some of your new system to get the results you want within the context of the AS 9100 standards. Typically, it is helpful to run your new QMS for about three months before auditing your results and making necessary changes. When you’re confident in your system, you can seek your official certification. 


Don’t go it alone on AS 9100 certification. Let Trident QMS help you manage your transition and achieve certification seamlessly. To learn more about how we can support your AS 9100 certification, call us today at (520) 314-4343.

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