Definition of Customer Satisfaction

How Should You Define Customer Satisfaction?

The ultimate goal of ISO 9001 certification is to ensure that an organization’s products or services fulfill customers’ needs while meeting applicable quality standards. With that in mind, it’s understandable for organizations to focus on customer satisfaction while preparing for quality management system (QMS) implementation and ISO 9001 certification. But how should you define customer satisfaction within your organization? Continue reading for a few tips to help as you prepare for ISO 9001 certification.

Understand ISO 9001’s Definition of Customer Satisfaction

ISO 9001 requires an organization’s products or services to meet customers’ expectations. This means that the product or service’s description should provide an accurate depiction that customers can rely on, and that the customer should feel that the product or service fulfilled the need for which they purchased it. In other words, both the objective and subjective customer expectations should be met by the product or service.

Consider Any Specific Nuances of Your Organization

In order to ensure that your product or service meets your customers’ objective and subjective expectations, you need to carefully consider the nuances of your organization and your industry. What needs are your customers looking to fulfill when they work with your organization? How could you improve upon your product or service to ensure that customers’ expectations are met after they make a purchase?

Work with a QMS Support Specialist 

Identifying gaps within your customer satisfaction model can be difficult for a number of reasons. You may have trouble looking at your organization’s products or services objectively, or you may simply not have the time needed for QMS implementation. That’s where working with a company that specializes in QMS support can help. Let the professionals take the load of QMS preparation and certification off your plate for better efficiency and customer satisfaction.

At Trident Quality Management Solutions (Trident QMS), we strive to ensure our clients gain a thorough understanding of QMS implementation to achieve ISO 9001 certification. To schedule a consultation, call us at (520) 314-4343.

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