What is ISO Compliance

What Is the ISO 9001 Standard?

The ISO 9001 Standard is an international standard for creating a quality management system (QMS) that was created, perfected, and published by the International Standards Organization (ISO).  

Who Should Use ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 can be used by any organization, regardless of size or industry. More than one million organizations from more than 160 countries have applied the ISO 9001 standard requirements to their quality management systems. The organizations that conform to ISO 9001 for their QMS are able to effectively organize processes, improve the efficiency of their operations, and continually improve their products, services, and customer service.

What Does ISO 9001 Include? 

The ISO 9001 2015 Standard includes many of the processes from the previous revision of the standard, with a greater focus on risk-based thinking and understanding the context of the organization. The topics covered include:

  • The standardized requirements for a QMS, including documented information, planning and determining process interactions
  • The key responsibilities of management
  • Information on the management of resources, including human resources and work environment
  • Guidelines for improving product services, from design to delivery
  • Review, analysis, and improvement of the QMS through internal audits and preventative and corrective measures. 

Why Is ISO 9001 Important? 

ISO 9001 is important because it creates a foundation on which to build your company’s QMS. Without guidelines or a baseline, it would be much harder to design and implement a comprehensive, effective QMS. The ISO 9001 is scalable, easy to interpret, and takes the guesswork out of the design and implementation of QMS throughout different businesses and industries, no matter their size. ISO certification shows your customers, vendors, and business partners that you care about the quality of your products and services and are committed to providing a consistent, exceptional customer experience. 

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