ISO 9001 Gap Analysis

Understanding the ISO 9001 Gap Analysis Process

As you prepare for ISO 9001 implementation, a gap analysis is a good starting point to help you understand where your business is ready to meet the requirements of this quality management system (QMS) and where you have deficiencies, or “gaps,” in your processes. Though a gap analysis can be a challenging undertaking, especially when you’re also just beginning to learn about the QMS, Trident Quality Management Solutions can guide you through the process. Here is a closer look at what you need to know. 


A gap analysis is used to assess your current readiness for ISO 9001.

As the name suggests, a gap analysis is about finding areas within your organization’s processes that fall short of the standards of ISO 9001. These areas of deficiencies are not indicators that you cannot adopt ISO 9001. Instead, they are the areas in which you will need to focus your attention as you pursue your certification. With a gap analysis, you’ll also be able to see which areas don’t need your attention, so you won’t waste resources changing processes that are working well. 


The starting point of a gap analysis is determining the scope. 

The scope of your gap analysis is determined by your plans for your ISO 9001 registration. Any product or service lines that you plan to certify with ISO 9001 should be included in the scope of the gap analysis. Note that you do not have to include all parts of your business in your ISO 9001 certification. However, it will be in your best interest to include any output that makes up part of the product or service that is included in your certification. 


You will need to easily access relevant data to complete your gap analysis.

Data about your current products and services, as well as the processes that contribute to them, will be essential for your gap analysis. Gather things like reports from your current software systems, employee manuals, customer feedback, and other information before your analysis begins, so that it is ready to leverage. 


Trident QMS is experienced in helping businesses of all sizes achieve and maintain ISO 9001 certification. Enlist our experts in your gap analysis and let us help you plan for a successful ISO 9001 certification with our extensive support services. To learn more, call (520) 314-4343 for assistance anywhere in the U.S. 

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