Benefits of International Standards

So what is it all for anyway? What is the purpose of ISO, and what’s the use of having international standards at all? … Well … plenty. There are many benefits of international standards, so much so in fact that professionals from industries around the world work with ISO to develop the standards.

Top Benefits of International Standards

1. The integrity of products is not compromised.

By following ISO standards, products and services follow specific guidelines. There’s no cutting corners in ways that could be harmful or using products that are not up to par.

2. Everyone is on the same page.

Benefits of International Standards

Because professionals from around the world have a part in the research involved in ISO’s development of standards, one of the main benefits of international standards is understanding. Work becomes more efficient and fewer mistakes are made if everyone understands what they need to do and how to do it. Regardless of the language you speak, you can communicate.

3. It saves time and money.

Of course, fewer mistakes and improved efficiency means saving time and money. Therefore, in addition to providing quality products and services that are held to such high standards, a business can financially benefit from following these standards. It’s a win-win.

4. Confidence is improved among consumers and businesses.

With international standards in place, workers have faith in the products they are making and consumers trust those products that they are then buying. In other words, the products and process by which they are made are tried, tested and true and backed by a strict set of standards.

5. International standards protect consumers’ and workers’ safety.

You want to provide consumers with safe and superb products. It’s the right thing to do and also benefits the reputation of your company in the long run. International standards help to ensure that the products are safe and reliable and that the people who are making them are protected as well.

6. The health of the planet is respected.

In addition to consumers’ and workers’ safety, international standards help to protect the air, water and soil. The standards aim to reduce the harmful effects of such things as gas and radiation on the Earth for today and into the future.

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When you add all that together, you can see how having that ISO 9001:2015 certification is a boon for your business.

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Benefits of International Standards

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