Exploring the Purpose of a Quality Management System

With more than one million companies and organizations currently certified in accordance with ISO 9001, more and more time and focus are being spent on evaluating, observing, and implementing strategic quality management systems. It is very important that an organization’s QMS adds value and reaches its full potential, so that it can provide critical support to the organization, its employees, and its customers. Here’s a quick look at the primary purposes of a quality management system:

Establish and Document Standards

The primary purpose of a quality management system is to create and document trustworthy and repeatable processes that ensure continued success and consistency throughout the organization, at all levels. 

Increase Confidence and Reliability

A QMS ensures that employees at all levels are confident that there is a purpose to workplace procedures and that those procedures are working as intended. When a QMS is properly documented and reviewed, it can be revised as necessary so that its purpose and objectives remain relevant and reliable.

Maintain Clear Expectations

A QMS helps organizations ensure that both employee and customer expectations are clearly understood and agreed upon, then communicated effectively throughout the organization.

Allow for Improvement

Regular reviews and check-ins allow for improvement of the QMS as the company grows, customer and employee feedback is collected, roles change and evolve, and new services or products are added. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Another key purpose for any good QMS is tracking and evaluating customer satisfaction levels. Without evaluating this data, an organization can’t continue to meet changing customer demands or grow a loyal customer base.

Increase Employee Awareness and Training

A good QMS includes a thorough employee training program that guarantees employees are all operating at the same standard and level of consistency in every area of their jobs. At Trident Quality Management Solutions, our consultants help businesses of all sizes get certified and conform to ISO 9001. We offer a free QMS assessment that will help you determine how well you’re adhering to the standard and what changes should be made to your QMS. To learn more or request a free assessment, call us today at (520) 314-4343 or contact us online.

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