KPI's in ISO 9001

Defining KPIs in ISO 9001

Successful businesses are used to relying on key performance indicators (KPI) such as KPIs in ISO 9001 to evaluate the impact of strategies they are using in order to determine when it is necessary to make adjustments to their related processes. When you adopt ISO 9001 as a Quality Management System (QMS), you will discover that having KPIs for your key processes is “needed to ensure the effective operation and control of these processes.” 

Understanding KPIs

KPIs are measurements that you have chosen to use to evaluate performance and effectiveness of processes you have developed. KPIs are frequently mentioned in conjunction with marketing efforts, as a means of determining the impact of a particular campaign, but they are also used to track the impact of virtually any process, procedure, or tool you implement at your business. By using specific indicators to measure performance, you can easily track the most important metrics while standardizing measurements. This allows you to compare outcomes of different efforts. 

ISO 9001 and Performance Indicators

The term “related performance indicators” is mentioned once in ISO 9001. However, the Standard is not specific as to what the indicators or measurements should be. Instead, ISO 9001 states that you shall determine and establish the criteria and methods needed to ensure effective process operation and control. ISO 9001 requires reporting on a variety of performance measurements as part of the QMS, so even if the QMS doesn’t define the indicators, they are important. 

Defining KPIs

With ISO 9001, you can choose your own KPIs, according to what you identify as the most important elements of your QMS processes (often referred to as key processes). Defining and following these KPIs are critical for successful internal audits as well as getting the most out of the ISO 9001 standards. Some common KPIs used with ISO 9001 are customer satisfaction, scrap rate, downtime, and first-pass yield. 

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