Balancing Risk Management

Balancing Risk Management with Customer Satisfaction

Risk management and customer satisfaction might seem like two separate concerns, but they are more linked than you may think. It’s common for companies to worry that they can’t focus on risk management without taking time and resources away from good customer service. However, the right approach to risk management will count customer satisfaction as a goal, so it helps to think of these two parts of your organization as closely aligned. Here are some other tips for balancing risk management and customer satisfaction

Focus on the Reasons for Risk Management

Balancing Risk management helps your organization function as efficiently as possible and helps you anticipate potential problems, so that you can plan for them. In a very broad sense, the outcome of good risk management is customer satisfaction, since it eliminates or shortens disruptions in service and ensures high-quality outcomes. Customers are likely to be more pleased with your products and services with a robust risk management system in place. 

Choose the Right People for the Right Roles

Be sure you have the best person for the job in each role at your business. If someone excels in customer relationships, then keep them in that role, while you put someone else who is talented in risk assessment in the role that is appropriate for them. How you delegate the tasks of risk management and customer service throughout your organization will impact how well you can balance the two. 

Wrap Risk Management into All of Your Activities

Too many organizations consider risk management to be a confined project that is completed periodically, but in reality, risk management should be embedded in all of your work. Incorporate risk management into all of your projects, and make revisiting and reassessing risks an ongoing task that happens for a few minutes each week. When risk management is simply part of your process, it will be less disruptive to your workflow. 

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